Sunday, 31 January 2016

One day. Blog Marathon #11

It was a very humid morning. The sun was blasting at its best. Then what can you expect from a very summery may morning?
Nothing. Just sweat and sun.
It was that day.
He was waiting.
He was waiting near the gate.
He was waiting near the gate of RTO office.
RTO inspector has not yet arrived.
His hunger pangs were killing him. He can't leave now, can he? No.
Then the crowd will have become more. So he could miss the idli for a day. He will see to it in lunch that he has the days worth!
Even when he was taking Learner's license, there was not much queue.
Many people might be wanting license these days. He mused to himself.
And finally when he could no longer bear the blasting sun, the Road traffic inspector walked in.
A huge bench was set and all the people who were in dire need of a license crowded around.
He was pushing against a person taller than him, to reach before him. The inspector was sitting on a chair placed for him with all the king's respects.
The first person must have gone forward as the crowd moved a little. He tried to look at what is happening. But the crowd blocking his view.
Now the second person. This time he got a clear view. The person who was standing near the inspector was standing a little away. Was it due to respect? Was it due to fear? Or something else?
He couldn't guess.
And finally his turn came.
He went forward and boldly placed his application form on the table.
The inspector was viewing the first page of the form. He was standing there with his hands folded. Having completed the first page, the inspector looked up at him. He looked back at inspector. Why was the inspector looking into his face like he was a ghost?
And suddenly a rough prod came from his back. Turn the pages for Sir.
He turned the page reflexively. It continued till the inspector viewed everything and roughly pushed his form towards him.
That is it?
Another prod and he cleared the way for the next person .

Now what did happen here?
Nothing. This would be a normal reply.
But I dare to think differently.
The Inspector's job was to check their forms and sign it. It was his job. He is getting paid for it from the money people pay as taxes.
But the same people should stand in front of him like his servants.
If it is his job to check the forms, shouldn't he be doing it properly and with clear conscience?
What is really happening?
License is given to drive. Not to kill.
Let us face the reality?
How many loopholes? You could hardly count it.
Why do accidents occur?
Why is a person driving according to rules should be affected because of an other person who didn't follow the rules?
Is this even fair?

Imagine a place where everyone are following the rules after having learned them.
Those who doesn't are punished.
The people in charge prefer discipline over bribes? Life over money?
Won't there be peace? Won't there be justice prevail everywhere?
Is such a place imaginary for ever?
Is there no possibility to make it?


This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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