Sunday, 31 January 2016

The Old Self. Blog Marathon #12

The wind was blowing hot, though the sky had turned a threatening gray nimbus. The train was moving fast against the wind, and as I was seated in the window seat, which I usually prefer, I was both enjoying and despising the climate.

But no amount of rain or wind was going to spoil my mood for that day.
It was a very special day for me.
It had been an year since I have entered this land. An year! How fast the time flies away!

I never expected it to be that long.
But finally, I was there.
And I was going to see her.
The train was nearing my station and I squirmed in my seat in happiness mixed with anxiety. Every passing minute felt like an year. The train slowly screeched to a halt and I was the first to get down.

The clouds had turned an even more menacing gray, and I wanted to reach home before the perennial showers start.
But I had no such luck, and even before I had booked an auto, the heavens blessed us with rain.

It started as a drizzle and soon it started raining cats and dogs. I tried moving away from the window and hoped with all might that the sheets covering the windows will stay at their place.

Fortunately, before soaking myself I got under the shelter of my apartment complex. Not wanting to wait for the elevator, I raced up the steps to the second floor, where my humble abode stood.

My finger slowly pressed the calling bell and I could hear the familiar tune being played. Immediately the door opened and there, standing there with her face full of happiness, was my wife. I gave my bag to her and entered.

My eyes were searching for her.
There she was. My sweet little daughter. My life had been a little hellish without her. And now finally i could be with her. With her little feet moving forward, she slowly came near me. I scooped her out from the floor and planted a large kiss on her left cheek.

She rubbed the spot with her fist and looked at me. I was standing there with a huge smile plastered over my face and she was there looking solemnly at me. Her huge eyes showed no hint of the affection she had previously. She was blinking at me.

My 5 year old daughter was not able to recognize me. Boy, was I disappointed!

I went to my room. Removing my watch and placing it on the dressing table, I looked at myself in the mirror. Age had not still set in. I could still see the youth lurking there.

But i was not looking the same.
I slowly rubbed my fingers over the beard I had grown over the past few weeks.
It looked like a thick bush and my wife had told me as plainly as she could, that she wanted it removed, as soon as I entered.

I looked at our family photo that was hanging there on the wall nearby. I had been one handsome hunk then. Not long ago, actually.

Suddenly a thought occurred to me. My darling wife was calling me for lunch. Though her cooking is not chef class, I will gladly have her food than the restaurant foods I have been having for the past year. I told her I will be back in a few minutes and went to the bathroom.

Though not for my wife, i will do it for my daughter. I decided to shave and make myself presentable. I placed a dollop of Gillette shaving gel on the shaving brush and applied the gel over. Then I picked up my Gillette razor and slowly started the shaving process.

Soon, I was pristine clean and I bathed and got into fresh clothes.I went into the dining room and there the delicious aroma of Biriyani was inviting me.

My daughter was sitting there with a plate in front of her. She was doodling on the plate which had small portions of food for her.

As I sat opposite to her, she looked up from her plate. She stared at me again. But this time, it broke into a smile slowly which eventually widened.
She raced towards me and hugged my legs with her short arms. I took her in my arms and smiled at her.
'Papa! Papa!'

I patted her head and we both sat down to our meal, before my wife could come and blow our heads off for not eating the food.
P.S That aromatic Biriyani tasted like tamarind rice and don't say this to my wife.


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