Sunday, 31 January 2016

The Sudden will to act! Blog Marathon #13

Tanya was a classmate of mine, who always had a care free attitude. She was one of my friends and she was the most beautiful girl in our class. We were a huge gang of friends and she looked better than all of us by appearance.

As a beauty queen, she attracted lots of attention everywhere she went. We used to look  like statues to others when we were with her. And one of my friends, Mirthula used to feel jealous of her all the time.

Except her, we were all single and we never wanted a boyfriend, except for Mirthula, who desperately wanted one. But she never got a boyfriend, even though she did all the tricks in the book.

We had completed our second year of college. We didn't see each other for a month because of semester holidays and when we came back to college for the next semester, Tanya was single. She had broken up with her boyfriend and she never told us the reason why she broke up.

She started spending more time with us than before and Mirthula was not happy with the happenings, because a boy who was eyeing her changed his goal to Tanya, and he even proposed her, which sent Mirthula into fits.

And one fine day, when we were all going on an outing to a mall, she looked her dapper best.

And that was the day when she met Aaditya. Aaditya was standing in front of the mall when we entered. We didn't notice him looking at us or more specifically at her.

We spent the day chatting and window shopping, and we never noticed him walking behind us the whole time. At the end of the day he approached her and they were going on a date the next day.

She dolled up herself, even though she looked marvelous even without any makeup. They were going to a movie and then to dinner later.
She returned late that night and she couldn't stop talking about him. She started going out with him frequently. Soon they became an item.

They were going strong, and it continued for some months.

And one day he invited all our gang for a party, and we were surprised when he proposed to her in the middle of the dinner, in front of us.

Tanya cried and accepted the proposal and they were engaged at the young age of 21.

Tanya was still in the third year of her college and Aaditya will be completing his Business studies soon. But they both were dependent on their parents until then, and I for one was not happy with the proposal. But I kept my thoughts to myself as I didn't want her to think that I am not supporting her in her engagement because of my jealousy.

Apart from me everyone were happy and even Mirthula was happy because, once Tanya is married and off the market, she can rule the world.

So I was the lonely soul who didn't want it to happen and I spent sleepless nights thinking about it.

But Tanya and Aaditya were busy planning their marriage, and they both had decided to get their parents permission.

I knew Tanya's parents and they were broad minded and they will definitely accept Aaditya.

But Aaditya's parents turned out to be a cult of Orthodox people and they didn't want Tanya to be their daughter-in-law. They wanted a girl from their own caste who will become a housewife and do her duties to the family and the husband. Tanya matched nothing of the criteria and was rejected outright.

No amount of persuing from Aaditya changed anything and so finally they both decided to elope and marry.

They both were jobless, and they didn't even have a single penny on them and they wanted to run away and get married!

Tanya had packed her clothes and Aaditya was busy arranging some money with the help of his friends. No one wanted to say anything apart from congratulating them.

The clock was nearing ten and I couldn't sleep. Tanya and Aaditya were leaving the next day.
I tossed and turned, and I decided I have to do something.

I slowly knocked the door of her room.
She was surprised at my visit so late in the night.

I went in and started saying my thoughts about her eloping. She got angry at first and when I told her the practical aspects, she started thinking.

 I told her that these type of elopements without any monetary support can be successful only in our Indian cinema. I also told her that the yearning for money and better life, will spoil their love and they shouldn't do it. I told her that once they both secure good jobs and when they can take care of themselves, they can do it.

I said my part and left her thinking.
I slept peacefully.

The next day I found her at her room and when she saw me, she smiled and thanked me. She told me that after I had left, she decided that what I had said was right and had convinced Aaditya to do the same.

They are now living happily and she never forgets to thank me.

And i felt fantastic that time and even now!


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