Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The Proposal - Blog Marathon #9

She looked at her reflection in the mirror. All her blackheads lifted their heads and said a huge 'Hi' to her. She tried her best to shut their mouths with the loose powder. She gave one final  touch and tried not to hear the cries of all the blackheads trying to come out free. They will be out in an hour or so anyway.

She had started dressing well, and had even started taking care of her skin and hair, which she rarely did.

She draped the beige dupatta and it looked pretty good on her dusky complexion.

He was the reason behind her change, though he doesn't know it.
The eye contact made her go breathless. The moment slowed for her and she could see only his face. His words echoed multiple times and her eyes never blinked for the time he spoke to her.  Even after he had left, she was able to breathe his fresh perfume, which always made her dizzy.

She looked at his retreating figure and her mind had already started plotting a plan to talk to him again. When it came to him, her mind worked overtime and she was amazed at herself. May be because of overworking or some other reason which she could not decipher, her mind could never come up with a worthy plan that will make her meeting with him a little longer. The talking she had with him usually lasted a minute or at the most 5 and she longed to talk longer.

He drank water hastily from his bottle. He could still feel his heart palpitating fast and a single drop of sweat trickled down his forehead.
Why did she always make him like that?

Her reflection stared back at her. She was good looking. But not drop dead gorgeous or did she have a clear white skin, which was considered beautiful in this country. Her hair barely reached her shoulders and her ponytail was the usual plain one.
She had a conversation with her friend last evening. Her friend had told her that a fair groom will always prefer a fairer bride and she went on and on about her ideas and marriages.
Since then she had been feeling a little bit down. She must be beautiful if she wanted her crush to turn into love. And she decided that her one sided love will never happen.

It was her birthday and she had never felt so depressed.
For the past few days, she didn't even have the opportunity to talk to him. He failed to say back even a hi.
She had many thoughts coursing through her and however much she wanted to be free from all his thoughts, she couldn't.
Wherever she went, she thought about him. Whenever she saw a shop with his name, she felt sad.
She felt as if he was controlling all her thoughts and she felt haunted.

Her birthday dawned gloomily and she was in no mood of celebration. As if to reflect her gloomy mood, the rain started pouring.
It started as a drizzle and then slowly went on to a thunderstorm. She couldn't even go to work that day.
He looked at her desk every other second. It was unoccupied as were many others. Even he would have not reached if he hadn't started a little earlier than his usual time.
He didn't want that day to be like that. It was supposed to be special and he didn't expect the heavens to interrupt his day and he prayed for them to rewrite his fate on that day. But no, they were not going to!

The rains had not stopped for the next two days. Schools and colleges had holidays. But the office goers were not privileged to be enjoying on a rainy day. But because of heavy rain, only some turned up and he looked at the empty desk hopefully every other second, expecting her to magically appear. But she was not coming.


The weekend passed in a flash and the sun shined bright. On monday morning among the hustle and the bustle, which is usually more evident on that day, she reached the office.
Work occupied her mind for hours and before she could realise it was nearly three in the afternoon.
She received three parcels addressed to her and the delivery boy told her that the parcels were delayed because of the rains.
She opened her parcels one by one.
The first one was an online purchase she had made  and it was supposed to arrove before her birthday. Second was a birthday card from her school friend. The last parcel looked light and it felt like a book.
She opened it and it was a book. She was surprised to find that  the sender's name was not mentioned anywhere.

She opened the front cover and on seeing the first page, her heart skipped a beat.

He was wandering in his room. He saw her getting the parcels and one was surely the one he had sent. Would she accept the proposal he had written on the front page? Has she seen his writing? Will she like him?
She was still looking at the front page, when her phone rang.
It was him.
Even though it was only his name she saw, she blushed and answered with a soft 'hello'
He didn't know what to talk and finally managed,
'How is the climate there?'
'It is the same as your place, I guess' she replied, smiling to herself.
'Yes. But, you know...' He trailed off.
'But you should know that I love you too' she said in one breath.
He couldn't believe what he had heard.
'I am sorry. I couldn't hear you properly. It must be the bad signal'
'I said that you should know that I love you too' she said slowly.
'I heard the first time too. I wanted to hear it again'
'I know. I wanted to say it again too and I want to keep saying it forever'
'I want to hear it forever' he replied.
And it was one happy ending!

And one fantastic proposal!


This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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