Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The Peppy proposal - Blog Marathon #8

Her hair looked sheen and gorgeous. It was lustrous black held up in a lovely ponytail and it reached her slim hips. Her hair was a natural straight and she must have taken pains to maintain such a heavenly gift.

He was admiring her hair and her hair was the only thing he could see for the next one hour, because he was in the last row and his lovable crush was a few rows before.

She tucked her hair behind her ears with one hand, while her other hair was busy taking notes. He hadn't listened to one word that came out of the professor's mouth. His eyes saw only her and his ears turned deaf to all the other sounds.
He had become like that after seeing her. It was love at first sight for him. Time slowed when he saw her. He lost his sleep and as an unrecoverable insomniac, he became anorexic and was suffering from love disease.

She was a beautiful goddess. She wore crisp, brightly coloured tops mostly over blue jeans matched with equally bright and attractive shoes.

He was not bad looking either. But he never wore nothing other than plain looking shirts paired with black or beige trousers. He was not that much into fashion nor did he intend to in the future.
He had tried several times to gain her attention. But, each and every time failed and it had been 6 months since he started to have an one sided crush on her.
Each professor dragged on with their lecture that day. But, he felt the time to be passing very quickly and when the class ended, she would fly away and he had to wait for another two days before he could see her.

But all good things had to end too and the final bell rang like a cold knife piercing through his heart.

Before he could get out of the classroom, she had disappeared.

His disappointment was etched clearly on his face and his friend tried consoling him. He was advised to tell her her feelings.

He decided to do so.

That weekend he spent his time on plans about how to come out of his ordeal.
It was such a pain to bear all the feelings without any reciprocation. He dealt with all the negative emotions that emerged along with his ideas.

He finally decided to change himself a bit.
Instead of the usual formal attire, he deviated a little bit.

On that day, his boring wardrobe looked appallingly at him, and that was better than the look he got from his mother, when he got out with a red shirt and blue jeans paired with a red shoe and coolers.
His friend gave him a huge hug and voiced 'Way to go dude!'

He had a letter in his hand, in which he had poured out all his feelings.
But he couldn't find the courage to approach her in front of all their classmates and when lunch break happened, he was sweating and his tongue was thirsty like a dry parched land.

He went to the college Canteen and got himself a lime soda. He took his drink with him and sat on one of the cement benches.

He took a sip from the glass and his throat seemed to be wanting more. He heaved out a huge sigh and leaned back on the pillar, when he heard someone utter his name.

It was her.

'What happened to him? Why should he change himself on the exact day when I had planned to tell him about my feelings? Is he in love with someone else and had done all the stupid transformation to please the other girl? What will I do?'

He kept the glass on the bench and got up slowly and walked near to her table.
His eyes made contact with hers.
There were tears ready to come flooding down threatening to ruin even the smudfe free kajal, which had beautifully brightened her eyes.

'Yes. I love a girl and it is you'

A single drop of tear came falling down and her mouth had the widest smile it could possibly have!

And his peppy proposal had been a success!


This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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