Monday, 25 January 2016

Books and only books. Blog Marathon #4

Three words. Same meaning.
But each time I utter it, I think about a different book, a different genre, a different character.
Sometimes it is the lovely Miss.Emma and sometimes it is the brave little Potter.
Who wouldn't love books?
Am I a bookworm?
Yes, I am! And I am proud to be one!
Am I guilty of hoarding?
No! (Yes, I am!)

Even if u ask a million questions related to books, my answer would be just yes. A plain yes. You don't have to expect an exaggerated version which will finally lead to a simple affirmative response. I will just answer in a single word, because a simple answer holds the plentiful meaning and a real bookworm who would lovingly appreciate the simple response, will have lots and lots to imagine, and as a true believer in the goodness of all books, I will leave it to their imagination. (And I will always pray to God for rich imagination and heavenly portrayals)

So, having clearly (I hope so!) explained the goodness of the black and white letters printed on a subdued white paper, I will explain further and will try to bring you, the reader, into the world of unrealistic expectations that will surely be fulfilled!
What do you think when you see a book?
Imagine a scenario.

You are walking along a pavement, trying to cover yourself from the heavenly pour that decided to come down at the exact time you leave your office. You decide to stop at a small store and you look sadly at the sky, which looks like as if it is glowering down at you. You can't help but feel threatened by the dark grey clouds. You look back at the store. It is a small second hand book store.
Let me pass at this second. You come back from your imagination! (though it may be tough, because of my superb hypnotic powers)

Now, I can't help but tell a few words or rather push towards you a few sentences about second hand book shops, even though it is highly inappropriate! Second hand book shops are histories that are waiting to be explored and read.

Just take a book. It has been already owned by a person or two or more persons. It could have been a first gift to a shy bride from her groom. She could have cherished it, until her grandson decided to sell it to make space for his new home theatre stereo speakers. 

Or it could have been a proposal gift by an unrequited lover trying to propose by gifting the book. How wonderful it would be to open a book and find a lovely proposal written in a page corner, still waiting for that response. You could feel the emotions coursing through you. Each page has a different story to tell apart from the one the author has intended for the readers.

So, going back to the imagination, you look at the bookstore. You are tempted to go in and get into a new world. You go inside, and your wet trail follows you. You explore different racks and finally select a book, which you have been wanting to read for ages. 

You buy it and finally when you reach home, you recline back and start reading. When you have completed it, you feel something has been lit up in your mind. Something that has been wanting to escape from a cage and finally it has.
And that feeling is 'fantastic'.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


  1. Vaishu now you are a certfied bookworm;-):-P And the grandma in this is future u...

  2. Vaishu now you are a certfied bookworm;-):-P And the grandma in this is future u...