Sunday, 7 February 2016

The age for dying Blog Marathon #24

The age for dying
So, what do you think is the appropriate age for dying?
95? 85?
Or do you think 75 would be appropriate, or you are not that big a fan of multiples of 5, and you would prefer 99? Too greedy, aren’t you?
Each one of us will have an age that we think, will be appropriate for us. No, I am wrong.
I humbly accept that I am wrong.
We do not think about death. We may have a huge fear of death, but, most of us do not think about the age in which we will leave earth. (I am not speaking about a travel to mars)
We do not want to think about it. No matter how pessimist one can be, living at the present is more important. Dreaming about life may be there, but that does not include the age criterion.
I might be planning of a great house with an underground space for a huge library, but I do not think that I would be building it in 43 year.
The age criterion is entirely forgotten. When we go past our early twenties, our birthdays are the only reminders of our ageing process. And, we absolutely do not like the way, life ages us each year.
We do not like becoming old, because becoming old means getting weak and fragile, and also an appointment with death. Isn’t it?
I may be partially correct, because, old age is not the only age where you see death happening.
You see it across all age groups.
If a person passes away after living for eighty years, he has lived his life before death took him. Yes. He will be leaving his loved ones alone.
What about a person, who is leaving this world at 18 years?
Or at 10? Or at 5?
What do you think about it?
We see a lot of children dying out of hunger, out of diseases, out of accidents, and many more reasons, for which they were least responsible.
But nothing affects you like a death seen personally.
I am speaking about an 18 year old boy. He had been suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease at such an young age, and he missed his dialysis 2 days before he was brought to the hospital.
I can still remember that day.
It was a chilly December morning, and I was waiting for the canteen to open to have a cup of coffee.
It was 5.oo Am on that day, and the roads were least visible.
I was able to hear an ambulance coming to a sudden stop in front of the hospital.
Out came the boy’s mother, her eyes pouring tears, and the boy was wheeled in, and immediately the treatment was started. But, nothing could save him from the clutches of death that day, and the only child of that widowed poor mother was dead leaving his mother to cry her heart out in front of the intensive care unit.
Seeing a young person, who is younger than you, die, will make you realize many things in life.
Everyone is vulnerable, and with each passing day, the chances are more.
Yes. The world is a harsh reality. We have to fight our way in it, and incidents like these make me feel that there is no correct age for dying, and also for learning about life.
From that day onwards, I have become more thankful, and life has become more appreciable.

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