Sunday, 7 February 2016

The last day. Blog Marathon #23

The last day
So, what is great about the last day? It is the same as every other day, except for a fact that the things you consider as routine, will become your past the next day. Just a single day left, and your life changes all over.
Everyone encounters at least one single last day in their life. The last day to submit an application form, the last day of an exam, and one more very famous last date is, the last date to submit our assignments.
But, the last day I am talking about in here is something entirely different.
The last day at college.
That day, we remained as students, and the next day, the world expected us to behave as responsible adults. How are we going to make a transmission in a single day? But, that is what everyone expects us to do.
One day, we are sitting in classrooms, yawning our way through class, sitting with our face held in support with our palms and trying to nod our heads to everything the teacher says, though we are really in our own world, which is very different from what the speaker on the dais had been trying to take us to.
The short interval breaks, rushing to the canteen and trying to get something extraordinary out of an ordinary budget. Whiling away our time for a week before exams and breaking our heads the previous night of the exam, and encouraging each other with words and coffee shots.
The moment in the exam hall, when the examiner is distributing the question papers and when we receive ours, we search for the familiar faces from the previous night joint effort of abusing the subject, and smile or show faces according to the paper.
The moment after the exam, when everyone else are discussing the correct answers, and only our gang was laughing and hurling abuses towards each other, and the look everyone would give was precious.
Sundays are always precious. And I will not be getting anymore Sundays like that. I won’t be getting any more opportunity to sit in an exam hall or to worry about the question paper.
And no one will care if I sit in front of the library steps from the next day, because I won’t be sitting there after bunking classes.
Bunking was not my cup of tea. But, when the professor drags and drags, and finally when you need a cup of tea to be awake after his class, it’s absolutely worthy to skip it. In life, you can let pass some moments and a few classes were in that criteria.
Now, standing in front of my hostel, with bags on my shoulders, I am afraid.
I am afraid of life, of its challenges, of new beginnings and sad endings.
I am afraid of everything.
But, even then, when I look back at my past, I get the courage to move on.
Today can be the last day of college, but, tomorrow is a new day in a new chapter of my life, and I am planning to make it good.
Last days are good. Because, when some things end, others begin. And that is how fantastically the life works.

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