Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Five and a half years!

Five and a half years. That seems a long time. Yes. It was indeed a long time. A long time spent away from home, a very long time spent on worrying exams and results.

When looked back, it is indeed daunting to realise that it has gone. But, every moment counts.

Every moment that had made you happy, sad, moments that made you want to shout out in anger, moments that made you question yourself. Every single moment.

All those moments were a part of the five and a half year at college, we signed in for.

When we entered the college life as graduates from high school, it was a mysterious as well as mesmerizing moment. All of your family looks at you as if you had won a great war, and only you know your inner turmoil. (What am i doing?)

And to add to your happiness aka miseries, you are bundled with equally confused bunch of people.
After the awkward smiles, fine introductions, a sweet friendship blossoms. But, some turn out to be bitter, and some turn out to be sweeter.
The sweetened friendship will continue along the upward and the downward slopes throughout.

As very frightened first years at college, the pressure is too much to bear. Pressure from parents, pressure from friends and from yourself too. You are more surprised at your exam marks than your parents. (Am i really that dumb?)
When you are trying to digest all the new proceedings life is throwing randomly at you, your university will surprise you further with an exam timetable, that even a super human would have found hard to cope up to.

Amid the frustrating food and sleepless mind, you will find yourself sitting in an examination hall, writing gibberish that looks glossy with gleam.

Answer discussion was considered a sin among us, and i warily avoided the people provoking me to do the untellable sin.

Waiting for the results to declare you as a winner of the world's toughest challenge (It so seemed at that moment), you will frighten yourself to death, thinking about losing.

And when you find yourself crossing the first hurdle, tears of joy will be flowing, and celebrations are bound to happen. Of course it must! You are no longer a naive fresher from school.

You enter the second year, and you walk with your head proud and your stupid head shouting, Now, i know the nitty and gritty of MBBS. You know why? I have passed my first year MBBS!

And there are always people at your home to boost your ego, if not for your own stupid self. You are bound to be bombarded with their symptoms and your anatomy and physiology knowledge will stare at your face, when you ask the treatment.
(Wait for one more year! I will complete Pharmacology!)

Second year, the longest year, and none of us knew why that year was given the bonus of half a year. And that was the year, when the hostel life grew a lot.
And the important part of it was the 'Gradual development of the Sunday routine'.

Sundays were always special.
Sun may threaten to burn us, but will be ignored until we are too bored to remain asleep.
The important part of that day was planning. Planning for lunch. (Now, i may sound like a glutton, wanting to ravish all the delicacies i could get hold of. But, in reality, i was one of the hostelers, sick of hostel food.)

Lunch plan consisted of deciding on a place and getting the number for delivery. (We never went to eat the food. We were a bunch of lazy idiots!)
And then we had a process of writing down the order for each and everyone of us, collecting the money, asking them for more spice and faster delivery.

In the mean time, our rooms are clean, and we all assemble in that room, which was The Kutti Chevuru of our little gang.
And amid the smell of various Biriyani, the friendship will go a notch up.

It had been a routine for 4 and a half years. (The final internship year turned a big enemy to Sunday Biriyani.)

All the innumerable plans we used to make for one outing. All the places we made ourselves go in a single day. And just one movie we watched together. It is all a wonderful memory.

Another one binding thing was movies. Especially when we all were bitten by the Korean bug. We all used to be glued to one laptop and watch episode after episode, having huge crushes on the protagonist. We were so crazy back then. (I even had to learn to read Korean to soothe the urge!)

Third year came crawling, and in came our enthusiasm. Soon we were busy with the projects (What? We did one?), the quiz and what not!
As soon as the culturals ended, we faced our model exams (not to mention the epic answers in community medicine exams).

Our final exams came, and we were all worried about the two problems (Yes! You heard me correct. Just two!) in community medicine practicals. I still cant forget the laughter we had on our way to the clinical block for our other part of the practical. We were so happy after having done the problems and the identification parts correctly. We were happily jumping that we must have passed the exam!

And not to mention the laughter we had while watching movie that day evening, when one of our friends still had the exam the next day! (Sorry!)

The epic was the final year. It was supposed to be the busiest and the toughest. It was.
But, we managed to enjoy it the maximum.

The steps to the library was ours to rule, sitting there in groups to escape ourselves from certain classes. Afternoon was ours to sleep, though they were given for the extra preparation.
And, when the exam dates were near, we all were a bunch of nervous wrecks. Thank goodness, we all passed, and that was the only thing that mattered. It didn't matter how we had scored.

All that mattered was we passed, and finally we can get rid of the uniforms! (Did u think that we were happy to be in internship. We were! I swear! But, the uniforms mattered more! Imagine our surprises when we all found out that we all had to wear uniforms for another few years! Whew! It is all over !)

(Time for acknowledgements. I would like to thank so many people for my success, that i can't fit them all here. So, a few well deserving ones. I would like to thank the Nescafe company for their wonderful coffee, on which i lived for a month. I would like to thank the Airtel for providing us with a slow network, which made us focus more on our studies, rather than surfing irrelevantly. I would like to thank my  friends who made us even more grumpier by flaunting their jobs and rubbing it on our faces. And last but not the least, i would like to thank all the gossip mongers for the fear that they poured oil on!)

Soon we were happily checking all our newly bought handbags, watches, stethoscopes the evening before internship, and we didn't know our time spent together will become lesser and lesser, until it became null and void at one point of time.

But internship had a new life to be unearthed. New friendships that happened along the way. New different things and it will need a separate blogpost. (Coming soon! I can already hear the deafening roar! Or was it mass protest?)

And with just one week left, i can feel the palpable fear inside me. Fear of leaving the known and diving myself into the unknown.
Carrying all the wonderful memories, our next step awaits, and the path looks weary. But, we aren't the ones to be afraid of! (After all, we had done a lot!)

The future looks hidden in chaos and turmoil, and when it becomes clear, i hope it is not so frightening as it seems now.


  1. We all have sweet and bitter memories...but let us all remember only the sweet memories...woww it is just like yesterday meeting each other and after few days we were called "gang"..I still remember we all were like naange gang ah Pppaaaahhhh....it was fun...everything Saturday exams,daily evening tea time,then the great Sunday....we all are going to miss each other...but we all now have enough stories to share with....great post vaishu...

  2. "loud claps" as always a piece of art..,!!!

  3. Hi dear...nicely written.. Our five half long years in a niche... Gonna miss every silly act of ours.. All u stupid dearieezz and our ravishing memories fa lyf are all left to be cherished for a lyf tym... S..Rose..u r Ryt... V indeed have a handful of blissful stories to be told,some would even end up in tears of joy without our knowledge... Tym to step out... I will really miss u galazzz...

  4. Our galas sweet memories... the naughtiness, group studies, dinner time, tea time, outings, movies, birthday plans and their flops, dancing,cooking , and oh the MAGGI, ayyo the haajmola!, cakes, pet names, teasings, the serious fights and the fun fights(shalini's),crushes (I meant the kfc strawberry crush),dieting ( to which all of us are allergic to) .... etc,... miss u all girls (sry ladies) and will definitely miss all of u with my mind full of ur memories and ur advices...!