Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The Case of the Locked house -Part 2

Shervin Formes took his pen, and after a moment of thought, started writing his report.

Mr.Hector was a writer, and was staying in the house of Mr.Robin for the past six months. Mr.Robin reported to the police about the non-receipt of his rent for the past two months. And the police contacted me.
On examining the apartment, i was able to make out nothing special at the first sight. But, when I went for the second time, I noticed the latch of the door of the only exit. It could have been easier to remove the door as a whole rather than to tamper with the latch.
And, the apartment looked like it hadnt been used for a few days, at least for a month. A film of dust could be noted on the table, the bed and even the tap.
The tenant Mr.Hector looked like an enigma. But, when you look deeper. It is clear. Mr.Hector doesn't belong to this town and he had been the past lover of the daughter of Mr.Robin.
Mr.Robin had a daughter who committed suicide recently. She had written in her letter that she had decided to take her life because she couldn't bear the pain of being away from her loved one. She had been forcefully married against her will.
I was able to extract all this information from the papers from the archives, since i was not living in the city of Mechir at that time.
Mr.Robin had been said to be devasted at that time. He solely blamed the lover of his daughter. The details of the lover was not found anywhere, since he was a person known only to Mr.Robin's daughter.

While going through the apartment i found evidences proving that Hector was indeed the lover. Mr.Robin must have found that out, for he had murdered him.

He had found out about him, and murdered him out of rage because of his dead daughter. And it must have been at least a month before.

Evidences in favour:
1. Mr.Hector was Mr.Robin's daughter's lover.
2.Mr.Robin had always wanted to kill his daughter's lover.
3. Mr.Robin was the only person who was in contact with Mr.Hector.
4. Mr.Robin has motive.
5. I myself saw Mr.Robin late in the night near the apartment complex.
6. He knew better about his house, and had a spare key to go whenever he liked.

Evidences against:
1. No direct eye witnesses
2. The body of Mr.Hector is yet to be found, and guessing that Mr.Hector was murdered one month ago, it is difficult to find the body.

My Final conclusion:
Mr.Robin murdered Mr.Hector.

Shervin Formes concluded writing, and folded the papers and placed them in a huge brown envelope and wrote the name
Mr. Melvin, Police Inspector, Mechir City Police Department.

He then switched off his light, and went to sleep.

The next day the reports were delivered. Melkin was impressed with the reports and duly arrested Mr.Robin.

Evening papers carried a photo of Mr.Robin under the heading of 'Mechir city businessman commits murder'

Robin cried that he never touched Hector, and he had never even seen him.

That evening, Formes sat on his favourite chair and was enjoying the sunset.
Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. He was expecting Bobson, but it turned out to be Mr.Cahethi.
Formes invited him in.
'How are you, Mr.Formes?'
'I am fine Cahethi. I hope you are too since the Hector case has now seen the light.'
Cahethi looked at Formes, with a look that could have meant anything.
'Mr.Formes, i actually wanted to clear a few details about Hector case'
Formes looked at him. The face of the young inspector glowed with brilliance and he looked like he wanted to say something badly.
'Mr.Formes, i read your report. Melkin took into it immediately. I wanted to clear a few details, but Melkin wanted to finsih off the case as soon as possible. Now, how come you never mentioned about the fingerprints?'
'Fingerprints? There were none!', exclaimed Formes.
Cahethi replied with a serene look,'Yes, Mr.Formes. There were none. Don't you think that is a little fishy? If a person had been living there, there must have been his fingerprints. But, there were none. It is possible that someone had removed all the fingerprints months ago. That was a vital one, and you had left it out'
Formes smiled and said, 'Then? What were your other doubts Cahethi?'

Cahethi went on. 'And there is no proof that Mr.Robin actually saw Mr.Hector. The  deal for the apartment was done through an agency. The rent was paid in cash every month through mail. And, you are the only witness for having spotted Mr.Robin near the apartment premises late night, the previous week, which is totally irrelevant. Because, the apartment had not been entered into for nearly a month or so, based on the dust settled. The only proof that you have mentioned that goes well is the evidences you had found in the apartment. But, i remember permitting you to enter only once. Don't you think that your report had basically created a story out of nowhere?'
Formes continued smiling.
'Cahethi, a story out of nowhere? What do you have to prove it?'
Cahethi looked at Formes and said.

He got up from the chair and looked at Formes and said, ' The lover of Ms.Victoria Robin, the deceased daughter was a person from a nearby town. He was supposed to be a height of nearly 6 feet, and was supposed to have sported a handsome mustache.'

Formes looked at him and smiled further.

Cahethi continued.
'If you get up Mr.Formes, your height is nearly 6 feet, and you certainly look handsome in the mustache. Have a great evening!'

Formes gave out a laugh and said, 'Yes. You are correct. And Victoria was a great woman too. Have a pleasant evening inspector'

The night fell soon.
And Shervin Formes had dinner with his friend Bobson. On returning he stood under the huge tree near the lake.
It was their secret place. A place where they shared their secrets, and the place where they fell in love.
Formes sat near the tree.
Everything was perfect until her father caught her seeking out in the dusk, and hurriedly married her off to a stranger. And soon, she left the world.
Formes received a letter from her. She had written to him before she decided to leave him forever.
He took it from his inner coat pocket and read the words from the crumbled piece of paper. For the umpteenth time.
He came to the city for her. He was waiting for an opportunity, and after years kf waiting, made the opportunity himself. He rented the house through the agency, sent cash by mail for rent. He latched the door from inside and unscrewed the door and placed it in position again.
All the hardships he had faced for the past few years were not in vain.
Little Cahethi was hot-blooded, but Melkin ruled, and so Formes had nothing to fear.
Now, he can mourn her in peace.

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