Tuesday, 17 May 2016


It was raining. Finally.
The cool breeze hit softly and the smell of rain made her close her eyes and inhale it to her maximum capacity.
Rain always lifted her mood.
And she needed it badly then.

It all seemed so good earlier, and suddenly her world went upside down. Nothing else mattered.

When nothing had happened, she still felt the pain.
So, what is she worrying about?
She really didn't know!

But even then her heart ached, her eyes teared and her lips failed to smile. Something was pulling her deep, and she stood there resisting it.

The invisible force has become too strong for her liking. She could no longer resist it as she had done before.
She did not want to be led by the dark and unknown force. The path and the destination has never been great, and she knew it by bitter experience.

The hold she has slowly slips.

But, the path which she takes doesn't look familiar at all. It is something darker and gloomier than she had expected.
She roams about in the dark, and manages to see a light in the distance.
The light in itself is very pale, and it seems like it might leave her all alone in the darkness.

But, her eyes seem set on the pale glow, and she takes soft steps forward.

With each step she is taking, she is afraid that she might not be able to make it. Her steps echo against the vast empty darkness.

With the next step she looks at the light before her. It seems far away.
She must have walked a few yards, yet, she is still so far away from the glimmer of hope.

She musters her courage, and walks forward.
But, the light seems to fade away, and the distance between the light and her seems to widen.

The light, her hope seems to go in the opposite direction.

She moves her hand forward trying to capture the light before her.
It looks closer, but when she tries to get near it, it doesn't seem to allow her to come near.

And suddenly, a beam of light appeared, and a blasting sound brought her to reality.

The power has gone, and she was surrounded in darkness.

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