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Book Review - Bhrigu Mahesh, PhD The Witch of Senduwar by Nisha Singh

In the idyllic village of Senduwar, fortune seems to smile on its poor residents when they discover precious pieces of a lost treasure accumulating on an abandoned floodplain purportedly haunted by the spirit of an angry witch.
The gold pursuit that follows benefits the lives of many but destroys that of a mother when her son, Malthu, dies in a freak accident a few feet from the treasure site. The superstitious villagers believe that the witch, Jiyashree, has risen from her sleep to punish Malthu - the first person to invade her resting place.
Fearful, they abandon the hunt and return to their homes. When detective Bhrigu Mahesh arrives on the scene, the mother asks for his help to clear the mystery behind Malthu's mysterious death.
As Mahesh begins investigating with his unique style, he soon finds himself on the trail of a murderer that leads him to unveil astonishing secrets, beguiling lies, and a tragic tale of a selfless girl.

Book details:
Book title: Bhrigu Mahesh, PhD
                   The Witch of Senduwar
Author: Nisha Singh
Publisher: Patridge
Pages: 311

My review:

We have all read our share of detective stories, and we are familiar with them. Here, in this novel, the author has given us a new detective, Bhrigu Mahesh. And going along with the familiar trait, she has given us his companion, Sutte.
The story starts with Bhrigu and Sutte going to Senduwar, the native place of Bhrigu. There he is requested by an old lady to take up her case. On hearing her part of the story, he accepts the case, and promises to find the truth for her.
The old lady, Jayanti Devi, wants Bhrigu to find about her son Malthu's death. The villagers believe that his death was due to the witch of Senduwar, Jiyashree. Bhrigu hears about the tale of the witch from the old lady herself. The place of the witch had been haunted for ages. Her son, Malthu, a teenager was a special child, and he had gone to the haunted place. He had got a few gold nuggets, which he had shown to his mother. She had taken them to find its value, and the news had spread like wildfire. Ane everyone wanted a piece of gold in that old village. And suddenly, one day her son had been found dead. And post-morterm revealed it to be a broken neck that could have been by an accident. The villagers blamed it to be the witch. But, the old lady, doesn't believe it to be so.

Bhrigu and Sutte goes on to visit the relatives of the old lady. And little by little, they get to know clearly what had happened. Was the old lady saying the truth? was her son murdered? Why does she suspect her relatives? These form the remainder of the story.

The story overall has the flavour of a detective story, with hints and twists. But, the author could have done more in detailing the story, rather than concentrating on the characters. Character development is important, but in a detective novel, the character development should be more concentrated on the characters of the plot the detective is solving. In this novel, the story is told from the view of the person accompanying the detective, like in Sherlock Holmes, where we had Dr.Watson.
But, the plot of the story is less and you don't get to know major things until the final few pages. a detective novel is not the one where only detective knows about the clues. The reader is usually exposed  to all characters, their plays and such. The author could have concentrated more on it, and less emphasis could have been on explaining the two main characters.

The author while narrating the story has taken a classical approach in certain areas. It might be the influence of the classic detective. But, a story set in the modern era with mobile phones, it might have been better to take a contemporary approach altogether, rather than mixing it both. When one writes a detective novel, one is bound to think about Sherlock Holmes always. Even i have in my head while writing this review. But, with such a splendid plot, the author could have ditched the classical approach, and with a dash of little more twists, it would have been even more wonderful.

Overall, it was a good one. Could have been better.

My rating: 6/10

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