Monday, 31 October 2016

Book Review - Graffiti by Joanie Pariera

Graffiti by Joanie Pariera

My Review:

The novel starts with the story of Vipin. Vipin is grieving the death of his wife,Pournami. He was the one behind the wheels, when the accident happened. The accident also took the lives of two more people, who were his neighbours. He couldn’t belive that he is now the accident survivor. He doesn’t know how to overcome his survivor’s guilt.

Next, we are introduced to two new characters, Rene and Upi. They are close friends, and they work together in Bangalore. Here we get to know that Rene is still dealing with her breakup from her boyfriend, Agni. Her boyfriend left her suddenly after many wonderful times spent together, and Rene doesn’t know why Agni left her so suddenly, when they were about to be married. Upi is worried for Rene.

Then out of nowhere, she meets Agni again after three years. He has come to explain his reasons for leaving her. And those were not what she was expecting from him.

Then we meet Mark, the ad executive who first met Rene for his infomercial shooting. He was hooked on to her right from the first sight. He wants to meet Rene. He tries his luck through Hari, who is the husband of Upi. Upi opposes this, and as a result the plan of Mark fails there. But, he gets help through Daisy, his interior designer. She does help him. But both of them doesn’t know that it will be a catastrophe in the future, both for Mark, and a well-known actor, who gets caught in the trap.

The novel picks up speed from that point, and takes us forward in an engaging read. The characters are well crafted. Each has some adversity to face or hide. You don’t get to see your typical protagonist, who faces everything with a smile. Here, we get to see normal persons, with real difficulties, which we can all relate to in various forms. The author must be applauded for the effort. And with such characters facing all the difficulties, the story is bound to have its bumps. The characters failing to cope with the sorrows have been portrayed the way it should have been. Some manner of coping was difficult to understand. But, it could be said that not all humans react to the same difficulty in the same way. Each one has a different reaction to everything. That is why the world is how it is, and as the famous words go, ‘To each, his own’. So, seeing them face and fight against life might feel close to heart.

The author’s writing skills made me read some paragraphs more than the number of times necessary to understand the passage. They touched the ‘quote reader’ in me, and I am not complaining. It was all very good.

My rating:7/10

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