Friday, 11 November 2016

You....or is it?

The night has taken dominance,
The trees have turned the darkest green,
The sky has gone into nothingness.
I am there,
Looking out from the window,
Lazily standing there, doing nothing
But, just a tear rolling down my cheeks.

The chillness of the dusky night,
Fails to stop it

The calmness of the room,
Fails to stop it.

And I, the tearful owner of those pearls,
Fail to stop it.

It keeps going on and on.

I stand there for time so long.

Waiting for it to stop.
Waiting for the pain to go.

Time tickles by.
Minutes and hours,
I stand there, looking at nothing
My mind focussing on nothing,
But only one thing,

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