Friday, 18 November 2016

All signs lead back to you by Aniesha Brahma

The novel 'All signs lead back to you' by Aneisha Brahma is a tale of two persons, Diya Rai and Ashwin Chowdhury.
Both are highschool sweethearts. When you hear that, all you think about is puppy love, googly eyes, and plenty of candy and sweet blushes. Nothing is different in them too. Except that it ends rather inappropriately.
Diya Rai ends their sweet love suddenly on the last day of their school. She doesn't want to be the one who will be hurt. So she decides that if she ends it first, he will not have the chance to hurt her. She will be safe.
It would have been an act of a very cold hearted person, but, our protagonist, Diya Rai, is far from it.
So, why did she do that?
How heartbreaking it would have been for that boy to have been dumped by a person who was his world?
We all get to read about it in the next few pages.
Years have passed, and we get to know about Diya and her current boyfriend, Rishabh. Also, we see Ashwin and his girlfriend, Trina.
And, as the two characters are destined to, they meet at a cultural fest in college. And, the rest is the story.
It was a very good subject to have a novel written upon. All the new age romances or some of it could be related to it. Atleast one of the two in a relationship needs a strong commitment to be in a relationship. And the other will be afraid of committing oneself to a person when he or she is not sure. All those love at first sight, and the one person forever gets nowhere nowadays. A person or two of those type do exist, but sadly not many accept their notion of romance.
What is love? To watch a movie together? Going out together? Giving gifts? These all will happen, when you are in love. But, they do not act as a proof of it. Love is when you cannot think of anything else. Love is when, even if it remains unrequited, will pray and be happy for the other person forever. Love happens once. No matter what, it will remain the same. Even if it is thrashed into pieces, it will be the same and will glow forever, even if it has to be alone forever.
We read many romantic novels, where we get to read about the so beautiful female and so classy male. They fall for each other, and happily ever after.
I used to read those in my teenage, when those were the books i could have my hands upon. That formed a notion of romance, and one will tend to be a damsel, waiting for Prince Charming to arrive.
When you become an adult, you cannot stop laughing at those. Fiction and fiction alone.
You must be your own saviour. No Prince will come. If you have to find and save your Prince, do it. And if not, live happily ever after being your own ruler. Life is beautiful.
This was supposed to be a review. But i got my flow directed away. All thanks to the book, where i read about something real. You can read it as a book, but even after reading you will remember the characters.
You won't be swooning over the characters. Because they have their flaws, and were portrayed as humans. I liked that aspect of the book.
One more thing to mention about the book was the wonderful quotes at the beginning of each chapter. Those were really heart crunching.
If i have to say one thing about the book i didn't like was the ending. Not the ending as such, but how it was developed. The book was a breeze upto the ending. And then it was not so a breeze. It felt rushed up. But, overall a wonderful one. It was a change to read some real life characters.

Overall rating: 8/10

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