Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Grumpy and grouchy!

I can never predict what will make my mood from "Oh! what a pleasant day!" to "Oh My God! Why is the world like this?"

I would really be happy if i could get a cue for the immediate change to happen. At least i would be ready with my chocolates and a novel when the second mood hits. But, no, that doesn't happen. After all, how can it happen? As much as i like to read magic realism, and believe in it, i know that it can not happen in real life.
Life happens!

A pat in the shoulder for myself.

Ok. Feeling relaxed to continue now.
What was i saying?

Yeah. About the moods.

They are very pretty dangerous to deal. I will wake up as a 'great optimist' and slide my glasses up and look at the world, and smile. I really did that today.

But, at the end of day, i don't know who steals my bubbling optimism.
Someone must be doing it, for i find myself grouchy and grumpy now. And it is not even noon.

The sky doesn't look like a shade of November. It is full of memories from May. And i am just happy with it, because i am going up to hang the washed clothes.

Most of us might have a washing machine. It says it is fully automatic. But, you have to take the clothes out and hang them for their crime of not drying completely.
Why is it even called automatic anyway? Who names them like that?

A person thought that washing comprises only of washing? No!

Though not as labourious as the actual washing, i am offended bcoz they didn't think that hanging them, and folding them back into the wardrobe were not the process of it.


Who invented the washing machine? I must do something about it. May be later. (I am the reigning Queen of procrastination. May be someday i will lose the crown. May be tomorrow. May be later.)

With such audacious thoughts, i have done the remaining work of the automatic washing machine. Now they are all hanged.

Suffer for the crime done!

I return back, and since i have no other work assigned for me, i am going to relax myself.

Ah! Before that a cup of coffee.

The coffee decoction must be ready by now in the filter. Yes. The delicious black liquid. I pour them into a mug, add hot water, and a bit of sugar. It is ready!

Are you someone who drinks coffee with milk? Ignore the dirty look i gave you right now.
You really don't know what you are missing! You must try black coffee, trust me. Don't you think i am drinking black coffee just to keep my crown for procrastination. No. Don't. It is really delicious.

The beverage in its full glory!

That was refreshing! Nothing good to watch in TV. May be i should return to my books. They seem to be calling me for quite sometime now. Can't you wait a little longer? There is a pleasant day outside, and it is so beckoning.

Wait a second! Why does it suddenly seem beckoning?

The sky no longer looks like an imitation of May sky. Where is the Sun?

No Sun! This is not the correct time to play hide and seek with rainy clouds. You better come out and start shining like you usually do when i go out. Do it right now!

The smell of earth hits my nostrils, and i stand there looking out from the window. Little by little the drops of rain start falling down.

It is a pleasant day indeed.

I hurriedly push the buttons for the elevator. Someone must be busy shifting their house into it, because it was not moving. It is stuck at the 4th floor! Who lives there? I have no idea, abiding by the rules. May be i will come to know before i leave this city.

But, now Heaven has opened up.

I sprint up the stairs without waiting for the elevator to reach my floor.

I collect the clothes huffing and puffing.

And standing under a shade, i look up again. The city view was always special from that height.

The sun has come out. And suddenly remembering (barely) the science classes from school, i look in the opposite direction.

A rainbow.

It indeed is a pleasant day.

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