Friday, 21 April 2017


She was standing near the window, clutching the window. She gripped it hard. The pressure brought pain to her palms. She clutched it even harder.
The room was silent except for the faint sound of the fan, which was synchronizing itself with the silence of the room.
The window was a gate to a different world. But, she wasn't interested in that. She wasn't even in the current world because she was somewhere else.
Her life was going on, but she didn't know where. She felt tough to continue on a journey where you could not see the destination. Ofcourse, one can always enjoy the travel. But, where was she going?

When will be my good time?
I wait for it each day, every hour,
Passing every second with tears.

But, with each new day,
My tears become more and more,
And yesterday becomes a good day
When compared to today.

So, can i travel back?

The questions kept on coming.
And the only person who could answer her was not willing to answer. Not even to acknowledge her fears. It was stupid and unreasonable. But, her feelings remained unsettled.

She ate and slept with a bit of disappointment in what she was doing. Next day didn't bring a miracle nor the distant future promised hope.
Life was going on.

Life goes on and on,
With you standing aside,
Or when you are drowning in sorrow,
When you fly away in joy,
It goes on and on!

It never stops for anyone,
And it never comes back.
Once gone is gone forever.
Waiting for it to change its course,
Wait and wait,
Until one day,
When you will realize that,
It is you have to change,
And only you!

But she saw life as a moving thing that is always going before her. She was trying to catch it. But, it won't stop. She wanted to follow it. But, she doesn't where it was going. She can leave it and follow a different way. But, no, she wanted to go along with it.

This play goes on and on!
So, Life goes on and on.. with unending possibilities and never ending disappointments.
And the only person responsible was her. No change to that.

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