Monday, 16 October 2017


Musings of the mind are not so clear even to the mind which is thinking. But, that is how it should be.


Sorrow is such a sad word. Even hearing it makes us sad. We don't link the word 'sorrow' to any good memories. But, the sorrow has its own beautiful times too.

With something that brings joy, you gain your boost of happiness from the joy it gives rather than the act.

For example, if you are buying few things, the gaining of them is joy. You are yet to know how good the products will be. But you are happy still.

Take online shopping for example, you order things and you are happy. You see that it has been shipped and you are happy. You see that the parcel has arrived and that gives happines. You open them slowly and carefully and that is like the ultimate happiness. Your own gift for you. You know what is inside but even then you are so happy.

But imagine the opposite. I am not saying about outdoor shopping. But the sorrow.

It gives happiness too. I am not mad.

Imagine sitting alone with a cup of coffee and staring at the sky from your window. This actually makes a good canvas for the sorrow mess to become happiness.

You think of all the possible happy endings. What if it had been like this? Or what if it had been like that?

What if!

What if is the greatest question of the solemn minds. It is also a great way of imagining things. Or you could call them dreaming.

But what does it leads to? Happiness or sorrow? It leads to a painful happiness. A sort of feeling better felt and once you have understood it, you become a different person.

There is good in everything and equally bad in everything.
What does 'what if' leads to? Imagining things. Which in a way gives hope.
Hope for the hopeless!

What does happiness lead to? Answers are varied.

For a person who thinks happiness as a goal, it will lead to sorrow. Because it is not a goal that you achieve.

For someone who sees it as a component of life and enjoys it when it comes, it is happiness.

There are few others who think of happiness always. And when it comes they are afraid to lose it and do not realize the happy moment when it is there. For them, it leads to anxiety.

It will not be there with you forever because you cannot be feeling the same forever.

Only if you get to know what is bad, you will appreciate good. Securing yourself from the negative will never give you positiveness in life. It will only blind you to the joy that you deserve.

You will become old and wrought and whine that happiness never rang your bell. But in reality you ran away from your own home when happiness rang your bell.

Life gives a lot to take in. Living each moment doesn't mean enjoying every moment.

Living is living your happiness and also living your sorrow. Live your sorrow and live your joy. And you will be actually living!

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