Wednesday, 20 December 2017


What is feminism?
Women are greater than men? Feminism is not that.
So, feminism is about demanding equal rights for women from men? Nope.

Feminism in the current state is often a misunderstood word. It could even the most misunderstood word. And some opportunists make a joke out of it. Ha ha ha! I am not able to laugh more than that. Sorry.

Feminism and Feminists are the need of the hour in my opinion. So, what is it? And who are they?

Everyone must be a feminist and everyone one must understand feminism. But in a world where humanity is losing its worth, only a few blessed people seek it and find feminism.

I have seen women saying that we should demand equal rights for ourselves from men. And they call it feminism. But I would like to say something different.

It may not be the case everywhere, but women do have all the rights in the world. The problem is some women surrender it to men and wait for men to order them around.

Why does the rights of a woman are given to a man? Who does it? The biggest irony in the answer is that the female herself does it.

It is because it is taught everywhere.
Let me recall a lesson of a 4 year old.

Who is the head of the family? Father!

Why is it ingrained in our society that a male is better and a female should be under his control?

Most of our films show a female always being protected by a male.

It all happens because everything in this world is happening in the eyes of a male. And females are forced to look at the society through the eyes of a male. It is high time that woman start seeing the world through the eyes of a female.

A child develops by learning from his classroom teachings, his teachers, his friends and also at home.

Even when i am writing this sentence, while talking about a child I use 'his'. Generalization in the eyes of a male amd the 'her' part doesn't need any special mention.

Going back to that child. His or her, whomsoever the child is, the surroundings and everything are inculcated deeply in the mind.
And as a result, everyone looks through the eyes of a male.

Whose fault is this? Definitely the female gender is at fault. I am saying it with full faith.

I name myself as a feminist and I blame the female gender for the current scenario. Why?

When for the first time, a female found that she was treated differently, she must have raised her voice. It didn't happen.
She accepted it. And somewhere it started. Ages ago.

She accepted to be treated low and she herself believed that it was the right thing to do.

And now, it is chaos. Right from the birth of a female child to death. Every single thing is chaos!

All thanks to a group of females who thought that they were better at being controlled and who surrendered the leash to the males with a smiling face.

Even now females have to fight for everything. And in doing so, society labels her as culture less and a disgrace. If she fights for justice, society says she is not behaving like a woman.

And with time, many men are brought up in a way that if a female talks back at them, she is rude. If she questions them, she is being inappropriate.

How a female should eat, dress, sleep and die is being dictated by men. With the evolution of technology, even some people with no morals are enjoying the social media and sitting behind a screen, they can talk anything.

Our courts refuse to implement a law to curb social media atrocities. And this is the best example of world in the eyes of men. Why should a law be formed to reduce rape threats? So, a man should be punished only if he actually does it.

Threatening to do harm doesn't count?
Even the very act of rape by a husband is not illegal. The Constitution gives the rights to do it. The world of men!

Many people talk endlessly about culture. If a female wears westernized clothes, she is abusing our culture. But dear men, why can't you continue to wear dhotis for your work and meetings too? Why wear pants? Is your so called culture applicable only to women?

Also, if a news about rape comes in a newspaper, certain men start lamenting about the dress of the rape victim. She must have dressed provocatively and by doing so she was asking for it. I really started doubting that if early medicine didn't find out about a disease where brain was not present by birth, but the person lived. And those diseased by that unfound disease must be these kind of men.

As men have every right to dress however they want, women can dress however they want. No women will intend to dress provocatively to get raped. It is all in the eyes of the culprit.

They also argue that it kindles their desire and creates lust. And they say they are not responsible. How come they are not responsible? Every problem a woman has comes with men!

If a person cannot control your impulse and desire, he is not fit to live in a society. He should be sent to rot in a room without a window. But our courts give bail to those animals so that they can throw acid on the face of the woman for putting him in jail. And he can roam freely while the woman loses her life.

Every woman suffers and woman are being taught to not to show them. Right from suffering from pain every month. She has to bleed and tolerate pain and yet behave normally. Why so? Why is talking about menstruation still a taboo?
I know i am really hoping for a miracle when i am talking about paid menstrual leave. But, hopefully it will become a possibility.

During marriage, life of a woman changes. She is forced to get married to an unknown man and live with his family. Why? Why should a woman leave her whole family?

After marriage, if a woman wants a home alone from the husband's parents, she is labelled as a curse and called homewrecker. And the husband's family compares her to an evil witch. Wasn't that the same thing the whole family did to her?

But the most laughable part is dowry. The family of the bride gives money to the family of the groom. But the bride must leave her family.

If speaking logically, isn't the bride's family paying money for the groom? So technically the groom must shift base.
Because he is being sold there and treated as a marketable product!

Even after marriage, she is under the laws of the men. Taking care of everything is her job in addition to her actual paying job. And if she seeks help, she is not fit to be a woman.

I have seen women tolerating the beatings of their husbands.
The husband would beat her horribly and she will get treated herself at the hospital and go back to the devil himself. This sort of repeats itself until the death of anyone of them.

Once I asked a lady why can't she leave her husband and give a complaint. She was just 22. She said she has to take care of her kids. And if she gives a complaint he will leave her and their kids, and marry another woman. She didn't even know that it is illegal for her husband to marry another woman while she was still alive!

She also said one more thing which actually makes more sense. She said she is dependent on her husband for money. What will she do if he leaves her alone?

It was really sad to see the frightened face of her mother who will be dropping her daughter at her husband's home, where she was beaten to near death.

To be frank, it is woman like them, who are responsible for some men treating women like trash.

The matter of being dependent doesn't matter because more and more women are working now.

What matters is the thought that it is okay for men to behave like that! No. It is not okay for anyone to harm others!

Men have Y in place of X and the difference ends with that.

Talking back and talking against the atrocities against women are looked down upon as a cultural disruption by men.

In a place where the average rate for a pizza from a shop from USA tends to be cheaper than sanitary napkins, there are a lot of changes that need to happen.

It all should start from women. Because men do not have any role in giving out our rights.

It is lying there waiting to be taken and just don't give it to men!

It is not fighting for the rights of a woman. It should be better termed as having what was truly ours!

If all these things are going to be against the culture in the eyes of certain men, then I will rather be culture less.

A woman should know her place, they say. Let us show what our place truly is!

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