Monday, 29 January 2018

Silapathigaram and the glorification of Kannagi!

Do you know where the story of Silapathigaram should have ended?

When Madhavi leaves Kovalan and when he is alone in the streets(Nadutheruvula)
But sadly it doesn't end there.

Kovalan goes back to Kannagi.
Did Kovalan think Kannagi as a back-up?

Kannagi wholeheartedly accepts him back.
Come on Lady! He cheated on you!
He took all your money and spent it on another woman! And you accept him back? Your wish!

Because of "Kallanalum Kanavan Pullanalum Purushan"? Which would have been possibly said by a spineless chauvinistic jackass.

And finally Kovalan gets killed and Kannagi has so much anger that she could have burned the city down!

Many say that it is wrong for Kannagi to burn down the whole city for the mistake of one person.

People can find fault even in Kannagi when she is a girl who was brought up in a way that she tolerated her husband her whole life!

But she is at fault.

Because she must not have let her stray husband take away her life, happiness and wealth.

And importantly she let him come back to her when he couldn't be together with Madhavi. How stupidly can one teach a society?

Kovalan didn't feel the guilt to have left her and he didn't even come back on his own. He came only when there was nowhere else to stray for him.

What should have Kannagi did then?
She should have had her huge anger that even a whole city couldn't tolerate at that time. She should have showed anger.

No soodu soranai there.

And also their last single treasure is taken by Kovalan to start a business. But he didn't have the capacity to find a good seller and finds one as bad as him. "Inam inathodu dhaan serum"

And gets cheated. A taste of his own medicine!

And gets killed. Which he deserved for being a douchebag.

But Kannagi has to save the day again with her silambam.

Kannagi didn't do anything that deserved appreciation.
And how is she portrayed as?

Symbol of chaste. What nonsense?

It is there everywhere.

She is supposedly the role model of how a wife should be.

May be next to the wife of Thiruvalluvar who has to say to her husband that the bucket is still defying gravity.

But Kannagi for now.

Why shouldn't she be a rolemodel?

This was just a story and she has zero qualifications to rock the role of a role model.

But, why is she a rolemodel?

Let us think like anti-feminists.
1. She stayed loyal to her straying husband
2. She accepted all his stupidity
3. She gave away everything for her husband and he was her life.
4. She didn't speak against him.
5. She didn't get angry when he cheated.

So in simple terms, she was a coward, and acted like a loyal slave.

So if a woman doesn't speak against her male relatives and family and accepts all the atrocities done to her and silently suffers by paying 12% GST every month to her luxury goods and if she acts like everything according to rules written by chauvinistic pigs, society says she is fit to be a woman.

(Society in the sense - people that includes both men and women - who were taught the above said qualifications for a girl. No such set of serious terms and conditions were found to be in their book for men)

She is noble because she sacrificed everything for her husband and didn't live her life and spoiled her own life. How great is she!
                           - Society (from the times of Silapathigaram, as seen here)

And Silapathigaram is taught in schools and Kannagi is made to be believed to be the example of their future self in yiung girls and boys grow thinking that if their wife is a 'Kannagi' which she should be, they can do whatever they want and men can be men.

And if a woman says that Kannagi deserved a happy life and she shouldn't have felt the need to 'ADJUST' whatever her husband did, then she is termed 'Feminist or Feminazi'.

And the society quietly shakes their head and goes and hides behind the book "How to insist upon chauvinism and claim it as tradition"

I hope women of today and tomorrow will learn how not to be a Kannagi.
If you want to be a Kannagi because your society asks you to be like her, then take your choice. Be like Kannagi. But your future self will have no purpose and no voice just like her statue.

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