Sunday, 6 May 2018

I, Me

One simple smile is enough,
To make you go crazy.
My simple mind tells me, that
One sign, and
That is all, for someone to smile!

Is it so?

One word, and that is all
I can go from being at the
Bottom of the world,
To a person with flowing energy.

My mind also tells me,
That it is its doing.
Why do I believe that?
I shouldn't. But I do.

For, the mind is what says yes
To what it wants, and
Being a spectator is being myself
To what I make myself be.

I am both the receiver and the giver,
Giving happiness and,
Receiving sadness from myself.

I am being played
I am making myself do this

And I am being happy doing that,

By saying to myself that I can
By being me.

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