Saturday, 23 January 2016

Mapping our way! Blog Marathon #2

The air was chill enough to give you the chills. The sky was still dark.
May be the sun was lazy too.
But, it felt good to be travelling so early in the morning. There is not much traffic on the road and before the earth gets busy, you can be cozily away from them.
It was a trip of some 6-7 hours.
Finally we reached the place around 12 in the noon. It took some for us to arrange our things after unpacking and after our lunch, we all took a few precious moments of sleep.
In the evening, we were ready to explore. We all vowed to reach all parts of the city, known and unknown to the natives.
But when you are accompanied by people, who are older and wiser than you, you tend to follow their path. And we all agreed to visit nearby temples for our first outing in the city.
When you are new to a place, it is wiser to travel through public transport for nearbywindow, as we , as navigation would be difficult if you don't know your way. But, wisdom comes through experience and our experience was yet to happen.
We visited a lot of temples and time flew by very fast. We were getting hungrier with every passing moment and soon came a time, when we couldn't tolerate it any longer.
We stopped at a hotel and soon we were able to attain satiety. We refreshed ourselves and the elders decided to visit one more temple before going back to the hotel. It was not a very wise decision according to us, the less wiser groups. But we couldn't say that!
We were happily singing to a song and enjoying the travel, keeping in mind that just one more place to go and then we could all take a well deserved sleep.
On our way to the temple, we couldn't find the correct way. We stopped and asked for direction from passers by. But, when the path got narrower and muddier, few people could be seen on the road and at one point we were the lonely travellers.
We got stuck on our way again, and we never knew navigating would be so difficult.We couldn't decide whether we should take a left or a right.
That is when, the trendy and flashy phone got out of my bag and thanks to the modem and the power bank, which i carry everywhere, i was on to google maps within a few seconds.
I found out the way and told my uncle who was at the wheel.
Everyone looked at me as if i was dictating a death sentence. But my wise uncle decided to follow the map. He had great respect for Google as soon as they appointed an Indian as its CEO.(Now, Google will go to great heights!)
But, the other co-passengers were in constant fear and kept looking at the map and the real path that was seen through the window, as we were navigating through those unknown horizons, with no people around to guide us.
But, we reached our destination soon and the wiser generation could not stop praising the wise decision!
We had a good visit there and on our way back, one of my young cousins felt like vomiting.(Only if he had eaten two or three less bondas)
We stopped at the exact place where we halted on our journey forward. I too got down from the vehicle to stretch my muscles and also to escape from the constant appreciative look being put upon me by my companions.(For God's sake! I didn't save a country).
I just walked a few paces and there was something on the ground.
I went near and it was a signboard. It was an old one, with the black paint on the white stone fading.
It had the name of the place we went to with an arrow pointing to the left. 
I felt like an archaeologist who had unearthed a previous stone and deciphered it's meaning.
Only if someone had got down at the same place that time or only if my cousin's Gastrointestinal system had rejected his food choices little earlier.
Only then, we would have done our navigation the easy way, with little fear.
Life is a little playful sometimes.
And it makes you learn a lesson in its own way!
Though we could find people to help us anywhere, we should also be prepared to fight our own wars!
Almost all of us own a smartphone with internet packs. So, it is wiser to use it when you are in need and navigate your way!

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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