Monday, 20 June 2016

All I want

All i want is a flower,
Life gave me the rarest type,
That was wilted and fallen.

All i want is a glass of water,
Life me a glass full,
Which was tainted and dark.

All i want is a rainbow,
Life gave me one immediately,
With the colours pale and dry.

All i want is a constant rain,
Life gave me a torrential pour,
Which was made from tears.

All i want is a beautiful day,
Life gave me the longest,
With the beauty i never found.

All i want is a smile,
Life gave me the broadest one,
Which never went beyond the face.

All i want is a book,
Life gave me a genre,
Which i couldn't read beyond a page.

All i want is to write,
Life gave me bundles of paper,
With a total numbness of the mind.

All i want is to explore,
Life gave me a fantastic route,
Which never lead anywhere.

All i want is silence,
Life gave me a key,
Which never opened the door intended.

All i want is moon,
Life gave me the full moon,
Which faded away for the darkest night.

All i want is to dream,
Life gave me soft pillows,
With it came the wrathful insomnia.

All i want is to see the early sun,
Life gave me the reddish one,
Which was so harsh even to look.

All i want is a happy life,
Life has given me one,
With unending possibilities.

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