Monday, 20 June 2016

Whatever you want

I was asked once, not long ago,
To pick up one among many.
There lay, before me, joy and merry,
Happiness and cheerfulness,
Engulfed by bountiful things,
That will remind you of paradise.

Paradise was not what i wanted.
I search longingly for something,
That will bring me all other.
Bring that with you, and
A wonderful life will follow you,
Forever and for ever.

But, my sight couldn't find it.
Do not come to harder conclusions.
Everything was alright.
Except for my heart,
Which seems to want that doesn't exist.
Something that is more for it to bear,
An overwhelming dose of sadness,
That is what it desires.

Among the reams of joy and pleasure,
It treasures something it cant have,
And that is the only thing
the heart desires,
For it knows no bounds.
Because Love has none,
And so, it can dream.
Dream, to the brim,
With the hope that it does not
Get killed with the overflow.
And by killing itself, takes the
Soul with it wherever it goes.
Wherever it wants.

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